EMI Lectures

The Environmental Microbiology Annual Lecture invites prominent scientists to drive debate and highlight important and inspiring topics in microbiology.

The annual lecture is an important event on the Society’s calendar, and we encourage our Members to book early to avoid disappointment. More details of the next annual EMI Lecture can be accessed via the website.

Speakers often share aspects of their scientific journey and how they’ve applied microbiology to address the challenges we face today.

While the annual EMI Lectures are unmissable events, luckily we have filmed a selection of these informative and entertaining presentations to be enjoyed at your leisure.

Deciphering microbial community dynamics, from genomes to biomes

Professor Edward F. DeLong (2009)

Microbial Resource Management (MRM)

Prof Willy Verstraete (2010)

Microbes Inside
Professor Willem M. de Vos (2011)

Systems metabolic engineering for a green chemical industry

Professor Sang Yup Lee (2012)

Programming soil bacteria to do amazing things
Victor de Lorenzo (2013)

‘Unimaginable, unprecedented, microbial diversity’ 

Professor Jim Prosser (2014)

Extracellular electron transport (EET): opening new windows of metabolic opportunity for microbes

Ken Nealson (2015)

Waging peace: establishment and maintenance of stable alliances between animals and their microbial partners

Margaret McFall-Ngai (2016)

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