Vaccines for a 21st century society

The annual EMI lecture 2017 was presented by Professor Rino Rappuoli, Chief Scientist & Head of External Research and Development (R&D) at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Vaccines.

Known globally for his work in vaccines and immunology, he co-founded the field of cellular microbiology, a discipline combining cell biology and microbiology. He also pioneered the genomic approach to vaccine development known as reverse vaccinology.

Rino Rappuoli and kids

Rino Rappuoli and students from The Elmgreen School at The EMI Lecture 2017

Rappuoli’s most notable achievements include development of CRM197 used in Haemophilus influenzaeNeisseria meningitidis, and pneumococcus vaccines; an acellular pertussis vaccine containing a genetically detoxified pertussis toxin; the first conjugate vaccines against meningococcus; MF59 adjuvant for influenza; the meningococcus B genome-derived vaccine.

The lecture was recorded by Wiley Blackwell. In this interview, Rappuoli discusses concerns raised by antimicrobial resistance and the research and development of further vaccines against diseases that have proved previously untreatable.

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