Feature Articles

Happy helminths

Jennie French is our ECS Publications Officer and is studying for a Microbiology BSc. Here she ponders the potential of parasites.  I’d like to talk about the possibility of using parasites, mainly helminths, as treatments against immune disorders such as… Read More ›

Learning to love listeria

The Society for Applied Microbiology (SfAM) offers Full, International and Life Members the opportunity to give undergraduate students and recent graduates, studying microbiology as part of their degree programme, the opportunity to obtain work experience. The Students into Work Grant… Read More ›

Foundations for the future

Lucy Harper, Chief Executive of the Society for Applied Microbiology spoke to Wiley about our Early Career Scientists (ECS) group. The ECS Committee organize events for ECS and Student Members at the Annual Applied Microbiology Conference and contribute to Microbiologist magazine.  Lucy chats about… Read More ›

Join the SfAM club

The Fight Club offers combative thrills, but you can’t talk about it. The Freemasons are mysterious and hard to infiltrate, so we’ll never know what they have to offer. The Mickey Mouse Club gave us Britney, Ryan Gosling and Christina… Read More ›