Member Viewpoints

A Year Without Antibiotics

Professor Brendan Gilmore (Queen’s University Belfast) answers the question. “What would a year without antibiotics look like?” Grim? Certainly. Apocalyptic? Probably not. Antibiotics have been one of the most transformational discoveries in mankind’s history. Few drugs can make the impressive… Read More ›

Kefir Culture from Ireland

I found the article on Kefir by Lucy Goodchild van Hilten (2015, Microbiologist 16, 42) interesting and I thought some members of the Society might like to learn of our experience with kefir in Ireland. Kefir grains are called buttermilk… Read More ›

Surviving a PhD abroad

The decision to go abroad for my PhD was quite rightly based on finding the right topic for me to study further. A research question that I was passionate enough about to endure the challenges involved in completing a PhD. I… Read More ›