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  • Could microbes help us solve our plastic problem?

    Allison Cartwright is our ECS Publications Officer. Here she ponders the downsides of plastic and whether microbes can help us.  When I moved to Northern Ireland in 2001, my family lived beside the Bann. This tidal river mouth revealed one… Read More ›

  • Take me to the river

    Brenda Parker applied for an International Capacity Building fund for a research visit and workshop at the Noyyal Basin in Tamil Nadu. Here she explains how it went. ‘Knowledge transfer on the sustainability of innovative wastewater treatment technologies to India’ Untreated… Read More ›

  • 2018 Journal of Applied Microbiology lecture

    The annual Journal of Applied Microbiology lecture was presented by Albert Bosch, from the Department of Microbiology of the University of Barcelona. The lecture is titled, ‘Hepatitis A virus- new insights from an old acquaintance’. It was recorded by Wiley… Read More ›

  • Too much or not enough: health research and Evidence Week in Parliament

    Microbiologists don’t need any help when it comes to unpicking health research and evidence. Many of us encounter it on a daily basis, whether first-hand through lab work or through reading journal articles and reviews. However, the story is different… Read More ›

  • Microbes Vs Insects Vs humans

    Allison Cartwright is our ECS Publications Officer. She loves a bit of hiking, but doesn’t enjoy some of the insects she meets on her journeys.  While exploring the countryside with kids completing their expedition for the Duke of Edinburgh Award,… Read More ›

  • Pride in STEM

    As an undergraduate and then PhD student, I have to confess that I never really noticed any issues surrounding equality – perhaps I was too busy studying, doing my bench research, or maybe I spent too much time in the… Read More ›

  • Science and sexuality

    Coming out was never going to be easy. I was raised Catholic and attended a convent school. My desperate struggles to fit in and conform to society had a severe impact on my mental health. Aged 16, I came out… Read More ›

  • Microbes and holidays

    As courses come to an end and attention turns to holidays, it’s hard not to think about the different microbes one may encounter on trips. There are occasional news stories of ‘holidays from hell’ where travellers wind up in hospital…. Read More ›

  • I’m a Scientist, keep it simple

    Last year, Ananthi Ramachandran, SfAM member and a PhD student at University of Leicester applied to take part in the online STEM engagement project, I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here. “It was my supervisor who brought it to… Read More ›

  • Fellows 2018 Podcast

    Our ECS Communications officer Jennie French attended an SfAM event at the British Medical Association to celebrate Lord Jim O’Neill’s honorary fellowship. Here’s what happened: