A Year Without Antibiotics

Professor Brendan Gilmore (Queen’s University Belfast) answers the question. “What would a year without antibiotics look like?” Grim? Certainly. Apocalyptic? Probably not. Antibiotics have been one of the most transformational discoveries in mankind’s history. Few drugs can make the impressive… Read More ›

Hear the wisdom of the squid whisperer

SfAM was delighted to host Margaret McFall-Ngai to present the annual Environmental Microbiology Lecture- Waging peace: establishment and maintenance of stable alliances between animals and their microbial partners Margaret McFall-Ngai (University of Hawaii, Manoa) is a celebrated pioneer and global trailblazer in the… Read More ›

London’s Microbiota

Night and day a light burns brightly in Carting Lane, a quiet street between the Strand and Savoy Place. Its purpose is to protect Londoners from bacterial metabolites. The light belongs to Webb’s Patent Sewage Gas Destructor lamp, the last… Read More ›

Microbial interactions of the necrobiome

Over the last several years there has been an increasing recognition of the importance of establishing a strong basic science foundation in forensics. With the development, reliability and increasingly widespread use of high-throughput metagenomic sequencing techniques, the forensic sciences are… Read More ›